Saturday, 24 September 2016

4 E-Commerce Website Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business

The internet technology is thriving at a rapid pace and changing many people’s lives. It has made their lives easier and comfortable, as they can do almost everything online- work, socialization, pay bills and shop without leaving their homes. With the growing demand for online shopping, business owners are looking for creating e-commerce websites or online shopping portals. The key purpose of building an E-commerce website is not only to attract visitors towards your site but also convince them to make a purchase. Therefore, your E-commerce website design in Dubai should be user-friendly and high-performance. Also, you should not make some e-commerce design mistakes that can kill your business.       
Here are four serious mistakes that you should avoid to make when creating your e-commerce website design.

The site loads too slow.

Nothing can be more frustrating than a website that is taking too much time to load. Slow loading is one of the most crucial e-commerce website design mistakes that kill traffic to your site. Some recent research studies also show that for every 2 seconds delay in loading time of a site, there is an increase of 8% in the rate of visitors leaving the site. So, you should make sure that your e-commerce site is load efficient. Professional web design companies in Dubai can give the best solutions for designing load efficient websites. They also test the websites on all types of browsers and ensure they load fast.

The site is very complicated.

It is said that if a visitor is not able to get what he/she wants in about three clicks, he/she will move on to another website and never come back. Too many clicks and detailed information can make your E-commerce site complicated and unattractive for your customers. And a complicated website can kill a sale for you. So, don’t put too many questions in your ordering form. Make ordering process very simple and don’t repeat the same information again and again.

The site does not perform well on all browsers.

Compatibility is another critical feature which can make your E-commerce website design more effective and successful. If your website is not compatible with all browsers, then your business can’t compete in the E-commerce world. So, you should hire professional developers who can test your site on a variety of browsers throughout the development process. The specialized software companies in UAE employ a team of professional programmers who have the expertise to make your site highly compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. This prominent feature will make sure that your all clients will be equally able to take advantage of your business offers. 

Don’t send too many emails too often.

Mailing the exclusive offers regarding your products is one of the best ways to inform your targeted audience about your business. However, it is important to note that you should not send emails to your customers every day. Email your special offers to your visitors and customers once a week; it’ll be valuable for you. It is not E-commerce website design mistake, but it is closely related to E-Commerce, so it needs a highlight.

All of the mistakes we mentioned above are very common in E-commerce website design in Dubai, and therefore our company, Jouple has a lot of experience in fixing them. Just make a call to us whether you want to develop or market E-commerce website. We’ll serve you the best.

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