Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ruby on Rails- A Recommended Web Application Framework

Building web applications is not always an easy job. Many times, it takes a number of weeks and even months before an app can be developed. Hence, through the proper utilization of Ruby on Rails technology, the barriers of programming have been considerably minimized. Ruby on Rails (ROR) is an advanced object-oriented application framework, and it is particularly optimized for programmers around the world. The key purpose of this framework is to meet the requirements of forward-thinking programmers in the best possible way. In simple words, it is an open source web development language that helps developers to create interactive, rich and functional web applications. That’s why; Ruby on Rails is considered an important part of every web development services offered by software companies in UAE.

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is different from other web development frameworks and encourages the developers to grow in building elegant and user-friendly applications in an effortless way. The traditional development process is time-consuming, but with ROR development technology, you can avoid this disturbance and make changes instantly. The Ruby on Rails Technology segregates into four components which are as follow;

Active Record: suitable for database interactivity.
Action Pack: encompasses from request to response.
Active Support: involves utility classes and regular library extensions.
Action web service: server side support for the XML-RPC and SOAP web service protocols.

The ROR framework is effective to run on CGI-supporting web servers, as well as it also supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, and DB2 to create responsive web applications. One of the most significant features of ROR development is that developers don’t need any additional support from other frameworks. Using a simple approach and fewer codes in ROR development framework, they can design effective web applications which have great robustness and scalability features. And due to flexibility attribute, developing a web app on ROR takes a much shorter time as compared to other frameworks. This is why; software companies in UAE and all over the world appreciate the Ruby on Rails technology for web development solutions.

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